Inclinometer for Overhead Crane

The Inclinometer, the missing safety in your crane!

Unlike conventional angle sensors that detect X and Y angles separately (vertical and horizontal), it detects a 360° area around any axis.

Seyconel’s unique new crane inclinometer (SEY-INC-24D220A) is a sensor specially designed to prevent and avoid slopes that can be produced in cargo lifting equipment such as cranes, gantry cranes, hoists, elevators and cargo handling equipment such as forklifts, wheel loaders, rocker arms, among others. It has two types of outputs, being 01 relay output and 01 CANbus output.

With our inclinometer, you will reduce costs with stopped cranes and premature maintenance due to incorrect angle lifting. Positioning the load fully upright is a rule, and always the safest way for crane lifting operations.

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Solution for:

  • Suspended Cargo Movement;
  • Overhead crane;
  • Gantry cranes;
  • Electric Hoists;
  • Cranes;
  • Elevators;

Watch a demonstration of the Inclinometer


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