Seyconel has been through a lot of changes. Today we can affirm that every change is always welcome, because we believe in eternal development. We always try to be updated in all senses, from external improvement to internal improvement. 

In these 25 years of the company, we have a lot of stories to tell, and one of them is how much we have grown. 

Our clients and workers are the base for our constant improvement today! 


We're on constant technological update of our products and services! Evolving is a mission!


We count with more than +60 workers that are able to offer you the best service.


In 25 years of company, more than 30 thousand clients have gone through us. National and international clients.

Our History

The company was founded by Mr. Edson Achy, a londrinense that has strongly acted in the branch of electronic components and equipments distribution in the 80’s and 90’s. Right after the century’s turn, Mr. Edsel R. Tr. Jr, a porecatuense rooted in Curitiba since 1982, was invited to join the society, mainly because of his great professional experience in the area of national and international technical purchases.  

Acting initially in the distribution of electro-eletronic and automotive components and equipments, in a second moment Seyconel incorporated to its line of products many equipments turned to the area of cargo handling, starting with industrial remote controls and crane scales.  

Ahead of the growth perspectives offered by the market, Seyconel initiated agreements with the city hall of the metropolitan region to look for incentives to accomplish the transference of operations, that until then, were situated in Curitiba. 

Through a very positive tax incentive agreement,  Seyconel made an agreement of partnership with Colombo City Hall and started building its own headquarter. 

In April, 2005, Seyconel officially transferred its operations to Colombo, north-metropolitan region of Curitiba and ever since then has been expanding its structure with new shack buildings to bear the company’s constant growth.  

Today, surpassing 4.000m². In 2023 Seyconel promises big internal and external changes, aiming exterior growth. The mission, vision and values are present and are  the base of our growth. 


Edsel Rodrigues Trindade Junior

Finances CEO

Edson Achy

Comercial CEO


To produce and market safe and effective automation and lifting solutions. 


To be a reference in creating solutions that add value and increase safety to grow and conquer new markets.


  • Development and respect of cliients, purveyors, employees and collaborators;
  • Special customer service;
  • Operational and Organizational Excellence;
  • Credibility and Security;
  • Profitabiity and Sustainability.

Quality Policy

Our priority is to meet our clients and partners needs in the automation of lifting and cargo handling in a safe, trustworthy and agile way, elevating the efficiency of operations and reducing costs. In our actions, we look for constant improvement of our processes, technological innovation of products and services and training of our workers.

Looking for first class Industrial Automation? Seyconel guarantees the service!