DG40 Controller Display

Equipment used to control the lifted load in devices that use wire rope, such as overhead cranes, hoists, elevators, and others.

The equipment receives a signal from the load cell and converts it into numbers displayed on a 5-digit screen. This device contains 3 programmable relays, typically used to stop movement in case of slack rope or overload.

Common in situations where the operator needs to see an approximate vale of the lifted weight.


The DG-40 will show the load lifted by the crane on its display at all times, except when the operator is in the parameter menu. The DG-40 has internal buttons that are used to configure its functions and perform equipment calibration.

Technical characteristics
Dimensional – DG-40


Manual DG-40

Configuration DG-40
We made a video with the settings to be performed on your DG-40. The video was divided into 3 parts, check:

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