Anti-Collision Sensor Kit

Anti-collision Sensor Kit, eliminate the shock between equipment.

Using Seyconel’s anti-collision sensor kit, the customer not only eliminates the chance of collision between equipment, but also reduces expenses with maintenance, spare parts, technical time and other unexpected costs.

System Purpose

The Seyconel anti-collision sensor kit is an equipment used to avoid collision between two bridges, two cars, two hoists, etc. The kit is essential in this type of equipment because the approximation between these two components happens in different places, that is, it is not considered a fixed point (but it can be said that there is a fixed distance between them).


Composition of the Anti-Collision Sensor Kit

It consists of two metal rods where the sensors, junction box and cables are fixed. It comes with 15 meters of cable on each of the rods to make the electrical connection on the equipment panel. The sensors in the kit are photoelectric sensors developed for the industrial environment. They can be powered in multiple voltages, 12~240VDC or 24~240VAC. The programmable distance is up to 10 meters. Due to the sealing of its housing, it is classified with IP 66, that is, it is dust proof and resistant to strong water jets from any direction. It supports temperatures from -10 to +60ºC.

In addition to safety, the Seyconel anti-collision kit provides practicality during installation, where it is necessary to fix, connect cables to the panel and adjust the triggering of the sensors.


Protection Index IP66
Adjustable Range 0 to 10M
Light Type Infrared light
Temperature -10º ~ 60ºC
Voltage 12 a 240VCC ou 24 a 240VCA


12 months warranty for manufacturing defects.

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