We believe that with the technical inspection it’s possible to guarantee a longer life usage of your material and safety of your worker 


It’s a service that we recommend to be done at least every 12 months, that way there will always be materials in great use conditions. 

"In the safety chain, the main link is prevention!"

Have you ever thought about how many accidents could have been avoided if your equipments had gone through periodic inspections? 




The goal of the inspection service of the cargo handling material, is to perform visual and dimentional inspection of all materials used in the cargo handling such as: polyester straps, chain slings grade 8 and grade 10, accessories (lifting eyes, shackles, hooks, links), special equipment (spreaders, tongs, load bars), identifying damage and flaws that might compromise the safe usage and prejudice the operational availability. 

Check out the inspections made:

Inspection of Chain Slings

The inspection of chain slings has as a reference the NBR 15516 1-2 and has as its goal to analyse if all accessories that are a part of this pack are according to the current norm, and for that we use a checklist that is available in our exclusive app for inspections and exclusive tools (chain template) and used on a daily basis (caliper and measuring tape) with those utensils we verify stretchings, twistings and flaws that this sling can show along with its use. 

Inspection of Leg Web Slings and Polyester Straps

The inspection of polyester straps is based on NBR 15637 1-2-3 standards and aims to verify if the strap has any damage that limits its working load capacity and safety factor, such as transversal and longitudinal cuts, edge damage, fraying, chemical atacks, among others. This inspection is carefully carried out visually on the various kinds of straps available.  

The inspection of slings (straps with accessories) is based on  NBR 15637 1-2-3 , ISO 8539 e 15516 1-2 standards and aims to analyse whether the straps and accessories used in the set comply with the current standards. This analysis is made visually and dimensionally. 

Inspection of Special Devices

The inspection of special devices is based on the ASME B30.20 , NR11 and the documentation of each item such as: databook, maintenance instructions, ART, caculation memoranda among others. This analysis is made visually, dimensionally and with non-destructive testing (penetrant liquid, ultrasound, magnetic particles among others) aiming to ensure that there are no cracks in welds, deformations and other damages that may impair and limit their use. 


Seyconel assists in the development of a suitable schedule for inspection of load handling materials, always verifying the following characteristics: results of previous inspections, periodicity of national standards, equipment application, frequency of use and severity of operation.

Material Norm Periodicity
Wire rope sling  ABNT NBR 13541 12 months
Polyester straps ABNT NBR 15637 12 months
Chain slings  ABNT NBR 15516 12 months
Special devices  ASME B30.20 12 months

Techincal Report

The service is carried out with the issuance of a technical book, presenting a report for each analyzed material. This report contains data related to corrective maintenance to be used for each material, indicating the parts to be repaired or replaced.  

Inspections carried out by Seyconel ensure total reliability and safety for your load handling being perfomed according to national or international standards and highly skilled professionals. 

Inspection App

Through inspection apps, our professional has more agility and reliability on the data inserted for each equipment of cargo handling inspected.