SEY-SCC01 Load Limiter

The SEY-SCC01 is a load limiter developed with the purpose of limiting the weight that the equipment can lift.

This control is important to prevent workplace accidents and damage to material goods that may occur if the equipment exceeds its load capacity.

To perform this function, the SEY-SCC01 works in conjunction with a load cell, which measures the weight and sends the corresponding signals to the controller. Based on these weight signals, the controller can configure relays that interrupt the equipment’s movement when the weight limit is reached or provide signalling to alert operators about excessive load.

In summary, the SEY-SCC01 is a safety device that controls and monitors the load that equipment can lift to ensure workplace safety and protect material assets.


SEY-SCC01 Load Limiter

The SEY-SCC01 load limiter was developed to limit the weight lifted by the equipment and prevent workplace accidents and damage to material goods.

It must work with a load cell to receive weight signals in order to configure motion cut-off relays or signalling.

The SEY-SCC01 was designed with reduced dimensions to fit inside the panel, thus being protected from the hostile environment.

Considering the display of the lifted weight, the equipment comes with different types of communication, making it ideal for connection with big signal repeater displays (SEY-DRS6).

The combination of these equipments allows operators, leaders, coordinators, and others to monitor the weights shown on the load controller.

The controller can also be used for remote configuration of the Seyconel inclinometer (SEY-INC24D220A), using CAN communication.


  • Overhead cranes;
  • Hoists;
  • Gantries;
  • monorails;
  • elevators;
  • wire rope equipment;
  • etc.



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