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Load cell, load sensor, weighing sensor are considered the same device used to weigh the load. Each load cell is manufactured for different services and ways of use and generally works with compression.

The load sensors commercialized by Seyconel are developed for installation in steel cables, that is, equipments that use steel cables, such as hoists, overhead cranes, monorails, gantries, cranes, elevators, etc.

Sensor  – Strain Gauge

Load cells are made with strain gauge sensors which are strain sensors and measure the deformation of the equipment. The strain gauge is a resistance that deforms together with the load cell and increases or decreases its resistance. The resistance signal is sent to circuitry designed to receive and convert the strain gauge resistance values into weight. These circuits can be scales or load controllers. This use became attractive by associating it with a load controller to do the load control received by the load sensor.

Strain Gauge - Célula de Carga

Fixed Point and No Fixed Point

Seyconel sells two types of weighing sensors, those that are installed on wire rope with fixed point and those that are installed on wire rope equipment without fixed point. The wire rope fixed-point sensors have capacities of 1T, 2T, 3.5T, 4T, 6T, 7T, 8T, 10T, 15T and 20T with their structure in aluminum or alloy models LM or LMS. The weighing sensor without fixed point is the dynamometer shaft that is made to replace the original shaft of the compensating pulley of the machine. This dynamometer shaft is made to measure, where it is necessary to pass the measurements of the compensator pulley and the maximum load that passes through this pulley.

Load Controller + Load Cell

The load cell works together with the load controller to control the hoisted weight, avoiding overloads or slack rope. Overload is the lifting of a load exceeding the maximum capacity of the equipment described by the manufacturer and cable slack is when the equipment hook touches the ground or some surface and begins to loosen the steel cable. Both cases can cause damage/accidents to property or employees. The Seyconel weight control system is fundamental for the safe hoisting and movement of loads.

Meet the VKL-3R Load limiter


LM Load Cell

Dimensional - Célula de Carga LM

LMS Load Cell


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Technical Data Sheet – LM Load Cell

Technical Data Sheet – Load Cell LMS


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