Safety Line Projector

The Seyconel Safety Line Projector was developed to create virtual lines on the floor, it is available for you who want to increase safety, avoid accidents and generate savings within your company!

Directly applicable to the demarcation of passage aisles, demarcation of areas, sectors, process lines, regions and layouts, replacing the painted strips or adhesive tapes traditionally used. However, they become worn out over time and depending on the process, and require constant maintenance.


How does the Line Projector work?

This unique new floor marking concept uses an eye-safe, high intensity laser to project a high visibility line to create a virtual walkway on any surface, indoors or out. Using lightweight, flexible and durable IP65 rated units, easy set-up and low maintenance, so there is no need to worry about replacing or repairing tape and floor paint.

Key features:

  • Modular – easily reconfigure spaces within your facility without removing paint or tape;
  • Highly durable – no wear and tear due to foot traffic;
  • Cost effective – eliminates the need for repainting or retreading;
  • Ultra Visible – Attracts more attention from pedestrians due to a dynamic projection;
  • Intelligent drive system by means of motion sensors, presence sensors or an on/off switch.

Projetor de Linha - Dimensional

Download Folder Projetor de Linha

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