LIM-G Load limiter

The LIM-G is a device used in lifting equipment, such as overhead cranes and winches, to ensure that they do not lift excessively heavy loads.

It can receive signals from up to two different load cells and can process these signals in two ways: individually for each hoist or by summing the signals to obtain the total load.

The LIM-G has 6 programmable relays that allow setting load limits or specific movements. Additionally, it can be used with repeater displays to show the lifted weight to operators and supervisors.

Overall, the LIM-G helps prevent accidents, reduce premature equipment wear, and decrease maintenance costs, making lifting operations safer and more efficient.


LIM-G Load Limiter

LIM-G is a load limiting device designed for the lifting sector, primarily aimed at working on overhead cranes and winches.
The LIM-G has up to two channels, receiving signals from two different load cells.
These two signals can be processed by the load limiter individually (for each hoist) or by summing both (total load).
The system comes with 6 programmable relays, where a load value can be chosen for each relay or movements to be limited.
The LIM-G can be used with signal repeater displays to present the lifted weights to operators, pedestrians, supervisors, etc.
Load controllers are excellent equipment for reducing accidents, failures, and maintenance on lifting equipment.
With the use of the LIM-G, it is possible to reduce costs due to premature wear of parts and reduce accidents involving employees in the environment.

Ideal Solution for:

  • Overhead cranes;
  • Hoists;
  • Gantries;
  • Monorails;
  • Elevators;
  • Wire rope equipment;
  • Etc.


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